TAM Plan

What IS the TAM Plan? The TAM Plan is short for Tamalpais Area Community Plan, a long and complex document, drafted by residents, which outlines guidelines for planning and construction in Homestead Valley and other unincorporated areas of Marin County.
With regard to the currently proposed sidewalk on Evergreen, which was built despite the fact that concerned residents requested that it not be built, referring to errors and misrepresentations in the grant application that funded the project  :

a) The Tam plan states " we do not encourage sidewalks, curbs and gutters in the planning area..." page IV-43, Program T6.1a
b) Tamalpais Area Community Plan Main Goal # 1: Maintain the semi-rural character of the community as defined by its small town residential and commercial setting and the quality of the natural environment.
 c) Tamalpais Area Community Plan Main Goal #5 : Preserve the natural beauty and wildlife diversity of the tidal and seasonal wetlands in the Planning Area through a program of land acquisition and/or strict land use regulation. 
Download the Tamalpais Area Community Plan HERE

"According to the Tamalpais Area Community Plan, Homestead is a semi-rural community. All of the Tamalpais Planning Area is considered semi-rural. That is why you will note the absence of sidewalks. Actually the Tam Plan 'discourages curbs, gutters and sidewalks.' This may not be mandatory as some policies in the Tam Plan are but it was/is the sentiment of the residents of the Tam Planning Area. "
(source: Marin IJ comments)
Tam Design Review Board : (LINK)

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