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Cafe Tamburo  : Tasty recipes and food for thought (Mari Tamburo)
I started this blog in the midst of the Evergreen sidewalk mess in an attempt to make the main blog "not so sidewalk heavy." It seems to have inspired the IJ's "Bureaucrats and Baking" blog.
Either that, or it's one of those collective consciousness Marin type things.

Keith's Corner (Save Evergreen) : Keith was very vocal during the sidewalk battle. I'm posting a link to his blog so anyone who wants to get the full picture of the political mess can review the archives.

On the Beam (Ray Cook) : Mr, Cook's 80th Birthday Post remains the all time most popular post on our main community blog, The Homestead Beat.

To the Point (Frank Lurz) : I asked Frank to start a blog during the Evergreen mess. Not sure why, but he chose to remove his posts.

Sandsbox (Charles Sands) : INACTIVE : I started this blog for Mr. Sands because I felt some of his technical information might be useful, plus I was trying to walk the delicate line between giving him an outlet while preventing him from dominating the main blog - as he is a very passionate and prolific person when it comes to planning issues (plus, most folks told me they were sending his emails to the spam folder.) I removed it from view and restored it a couple of times during the controversy, then removed it from view one last time at his insistence. He recently gave me permission to make it public again, though he is no longer forwarding posts to it. Mr. Sands is now retired and living in France.

Update : January 2016 :
In retrospect, I realize that the County was going to build that sidewalk no matter what.
That a community would even have to engage in a lawsuit to prevent a sidewalk from being forced onto a a bunch of people who never asked for it and stated repeatedly that we did not want it just seems wrong to me. Though this was a very challenging time, I am grateful for the experience.


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