Entryway to Homestead's Historic
"Goat Lady House" in summer of 2012, during the
construction of the controversial Evergreen Avenue sidewalk,
funded by a Safe Routes to Schools grant that contained errors
and misrepresentations of danger to pedestrians.
United for 
Safety & Sustainability - 

a group of community volunteers

Goals : 
 - Safety 
Strengthen our neighborhood connections -  slow down speeding traffic
 - Semi Rural Preservation/Restoration :  preserve/restore Homestead's semi-rural environment ; educate property owners and encourage elected representatives to respect the TAM plan guidelines.
 - Sustainability : 
Local Creeks Conservation/Restoration : seek funding sources to rebuild damaged areas near Reed Creek; 
educate local residents about the harmful effects of polluted storm water runoff; 
i.e., degradation of water quality to local creeks, 
increased volume and velocity of water as it pertains to vulnerable properties in the flood plain. 

We are a growing group of Homestead neighbors who seek to work with community organizations, schools and businesses who share our values of respect for the environment and citizens' rights to a fair and inclusive community planning process.

We share these core values:  honesty, integrity and fairness.

JOIN US in Nextdoor Homestead Valley, 

if you no longer live in Homestead, feel free to join our Google group: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/hearus

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