Friday, April 8, 2016

ICYMI : Transportation Equity Bills, Homestead's Opportunity for County Level Representation

Dear Neighbors - 

I just want to let you know about these transportation equity bills currently under consideration - and express another very sincere "thank you" to the those of you who had the courage to speak up during that mess of a Private/Public Works project, aka the million dollar "Safer Route" which then became a million dollar "more convenient walk to the yogurt store and Whole Foods." 

In case you have not heard, I am running for Marin County District 4 Supervisor. I would very much appreciate your support, as I am a virtual unknown in this political world. 

Please let me know if you can donate to help defray the costs of postage, printing and travel to visit our fellow District 4 constituents or have some time to volunteer in getting out the vote and the word. 

For more information please visit : 
Or call 415-789-6274 ( 415-789-MARI ) and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as I am able. 

Thanks again for your consideration. 
It is an honor to serve this community. 

See you on Evergreen! 


Mari Tamburo for 
Homestead Volunteers 

AB 2332 (E. Garcia) 
California spends billions of dollars every year on highways that divide neighborhoods, worsen air pollution, promote climate change, and put vulnerable road users at risk, especially in disadvantaged communities. This bill would ensure that California’s highway investments provide benefits to the transportation and safety needs of residents in those communities, needs identified by community members themselves through strong public participation. In addition, those highway investments would also have to create good jobs for low-income individuals and others with barriers to employment. 

AB 2796 (Bloom) 
This bill would establish a permanent percentage of Active Transportation Program funding to support planning in disadvantaged communities. This bill ensures that disadvantaged communities can access funding to plan future projects, as well as to pay for non-infrastructure projects such as bicycle safety education, encouragement, and engagement programs. 

AB 2222 (Holden) 
As public transit is getting more expensive, it’s becoming out of reach to the folks who need it the most. This bill creates a Transit Pass Program to provide discounted transit passes for students and residents of affordable housing, encouraging greater transit ridership and reducing driving. 

AB 1982 (Bloom) 
The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (Cap-and-Trade revenues) may subsidize sophisticated traffic light timing that makes it easier to drive at higher speeds. This induces more driving and reduces safety for vulnerable road users—contrary to our greenhouse gas reduction goals. This bill will ensure that low-speed signal timing is also eligible. Timing lights at 12-15 mph will make streets safer and more convenient for people traveling by bicycle, on foot, or on the bus. 

If you would like to support these bills, please visit: