Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fwd: Banned!

Mr. Wanegar's email has been forwarded in its entirety, without editing. 
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Begin forwarded message:
From: "Gary .Wanegar"
Date: November 15, 2014 at 10:09:03 AM PST
To: Homestead
Subject: Banned!
So without prior notification I have been banned from Nextdoor TamValley. This kind of thing happens when there is no diversity on the lead board that makes these decisions. Three leftist women decided my future, with me being a law abiding Republican against illegal immigration that decision was a foregone conclusion. I think I was banned because I made it clear that making recommendations of unlicensed contractors was a slap in the face to those of us that have taken the time to get our licenses and maintain insurance! I even stated why it was a bad idea for my neighbors to work with unlicensed contractors as they have no recourse against them, should problems arise..Not to mention it is against the law to contract without a license. I am trying to protect my way of life, and the ability to earn a living. Licensed contractors cannot compete with those that don't carry insurance,a bond or pay a living wage.
 What I got in return was banned from the site, prior to being banned I received comment from one rabid woman who had gone so far as to research me on the Internet and made public mockery of me for a life threatening accident I suffered years ago. It really seems to me that because I am a Minority in Marin I am singled out for my beliefs and my voice should not be heard. In my opinion those that make the rules here feel diversity is great,as long as it doesn't differ from their beliefs!

Gary F.Wanegar
A General Engineering Firm.
 Editor's note : Nextdoor Leads do not have the ability to ban anyone. That action would originate from Nextdoor. Following is a portion of Nextdoor's privacy policy : 
"Respecting Your Neighbors' Privacy. One of Nextdoor's central tenets is that neighbors should be able to communicate amongst themselves. For this reason, we restrict who can access your neighborhood and take efforts to exclude non-neighbors from the conversation. For example, we don't let public Web search engines (such as Google) index member-submitted Content.

Given this norm, taking information shared by one neighbor to another and sharing it outside the neighborhood(s) violates your neighbors' expectations and is a serious breach of trust. Therefore, you may not share your neighbors' information or any communications sent through Nextdoor with anyone outside the neighborhood(s) to which the post was distributed without the author's permission. Also, you may not gather information from Nextdoor, either manually or on an automated basis (such as through scripts, robots, crawlers or spiders). Without limiting the foregoing, it is not OK to provide your neighbors' information from Nextdoor to third party marketers." 


  1. Moderating any social network is not easy, especially when decisions are made as a result of heated exchanges . Admittedly, I have used the mute button from time to time, but my personal experience had taught me that we, as a community are better off trying to see things from all sides if we are to achieve a peaceful coexistence. As for the incident that resulted in Gary's being banned, my best guess is that he violated the rules copied above.
    On a positive note, he has received high recommendation in Nextdoor for his work as a landscape contractor, and you will probably never have to guess what he is thinking, because he speaks his mind.

  2. From: "Gary .Wanegar"
    Date: November 17, 2014 at 8:37:16 AM PST
    To: Homestead
    Subject: Re: Banned!

    Mari, you may wish to correct yourself. I am a General Engineering Contractor...Big difference from a Landscaper.Thanks Gary


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