I remain optimistic that someday our community will be able to come together to undo the damage done during the dreaded Evergreen Safe Routes to Schools fiasco - and restore some semi rural character and permeability to Homestead's landscape.

If you are a Homestead resident interested in restoring some permeability and "old Homestead" character to Evergreen,  please join the FOR EVERGREEN group in Nextdoor Homestead Valley

If you do not live in Homestead, please contact us at hv94941 ( at ) gmail (dot ) com

If you would like more information about the infamous Evergreen sidewalk project click this link:  http://evergreensidewalk.blogspot.com

Blog is in the process of being updated.
After all, it's not as if that concrete slab is going anywhere anytime soon on its own.

To paraphrase a well known quote :

"The men who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the women doing it." -- MMT

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