Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feedback re: "Regrets, I Have a Few..."

Mari sends a letter to community and Mr. Kinsey. Read the full Post here : LINK


  1. It seems to me if folks want to be mean & nasty and not discuss reasonably then their comments should not have been posted. I believe the theory here is 'if you're not part of the solution then you are part of the problem'. If one can't talk about compromises and solutions then they should have been cut off.

    What I like about Charles is that he has a contribution, he has researched, he has thoughts. One can
    disagree with him as one can disagree with you. I just don't feel it is right to make personal attacks on folks just because one disagrees. The anon folks do that and hide behind their 'handle'.

    This sidewalk could be a case study for some sociologist, how a perfectly lovely neighborhood has been torn asunder by the addition of a private school-enlarged and then additional demands made by them-secretly.

    I look at this neighborhood, I think of the Halloweens when neighbors bring their children around and we have a lovely time...and now, I'm going to look at each and wonder-which one of these parents was one of the jerks who said such awful things to other human beings! I am so disappointed in behavior that can be so unkind.

    It is like being in Washington DC where such unkindness now exists...they have lost sight of the goal-work together for a common good!
    Thats it Mari. Thank you for doing all the work to set up blogs. Thank you for taking the terrible 'hits' from folks who seem to be too immature to stand back and try for solutions but seem to think nasty is ok. Thank you for your passion for our community. I do hope that eventually something good comes out of this mess.

    By the way...I feel like submitting a bill to the school for my lost summer since the dirt, dust, jackhammers, mess and heavy equipment in front of my house have just about done me in. Maybe we should record it and play it back all day for the school while they are in session !

    1. I'd include in that bill the cost of those plum trees. Let's hope we won't also have to consider billing them for flood damage.

  2. Don't apologize for anger and frustration. They are human emotions and are essential for communicating one's state of mind. You have as much a right as anyone to be human, just as much a right to communicate anger and frustration when you're wronged. You were wronged, a lot of us were wronged. There have been countless reasons for us justifiably to be angry, not the least of which were the nasty, ad hominem attacks by Homestead Valley Community Association's anonymous board member (yes, he IS a member of that board)!

    Anger can be healthy. It enables one to vent negative feelings and can motivate one to solve problems, so don't mistake showing anger with "letting it get the best" of you. Letting it "get the best" happens when it escalates to the point where one causes harm to one's self or to others. That never happened!

    As to complaints that you took it upon yourself to speak for others, recognize them for what they are — the whining of chronic malcontents (every community has them). You never spoke for me or anyone else. You are a community leader who set up a means of communication for anyone to use for the purpose of confronting a serious problem. You expressed many of your own, personal thoughts and opinions and provided the same means for anyone else to do likewise. Generous to a fault, you even allowed the vicious sniping of narcissistic, mean-spirited critics. Because of your countless hours of hard work you gave everyone a chance to meaningfully participate in the democratic process. That's infinitely more than one can say for County, MHS and Safe Routes 2 School!

    Apologize? For what? Not pleasing everyone? For not being perfect? Snap out of it! This neighborhood owes you its thanks!

    1. Thanks, Frank. I'm not looking for thanks, just fairness.

  3. That's precisely why thanks are owed you!

  4. Such a deal. $675,000 +/- in SR2S funds are spent to so approximately 24 Marin Horizon School Corporatuion Inc. can take turns parking and walking to the its place of eductional business on Melrose Ave.

    A 2012 8 passenger Chevrolet Express or GMC Savana minivan making 3 round trips could have furnished these park and walk students a comfortable safe way to school and Evergreen Ave. would not have been destroyed.

    But then even eductional business have to watch their bottom line don't they?

  5. Mr. Sands- can you refer me to some photos of the at grade pathways you have designed?

  6. Yes. I would love to see the photos of your work also.

  7. I'm retired. Fly to Cruzy, France, Whitemarsh PA or AIA Urban Design award winning Middletown CN to see how a pathway can be designed with the environment not destroy it.

    For closer examples or what Evergreen Ave could have looked like drive along Camino Alto between MV Middle School and East Blthedale, West Blythedale going out of MV or Muir Woods National Park.

    All these pathways are ADA compliant 4'-0" or wider asphalt pathways.

    If Marin Horizon School Corporation Inc.'s concrete sidewalk had been an at grade ADA compiant asphalt pathway THEN curbs and a raised sidewalk with ADA ramps, curb cuts and ramps for driveway entrys highe than adjacent properties that destroys the semi-rural image and feel of Evergreen Ave as well as the "curb appeal of every home it passes WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BUIT and pathways can find their way around wild flowering plum trees as I have suggested to Kinsey and DPW since 2010 but then In France one says "don't throw jewels to pigs"

  8. Diane, your judging people who you dont even know. SO what's your point? None of us have been nasty, we were just expressing ourselves! Nothing is being done even after getting 200 signatures. Peoples homes are in trouble even more so than before! Do you live here in Homestead Valley??

    1. STAY GREEN : Diane sent me that comment for publication. She is a member of our HEAR US group. Since I also spoke to her in person, I know she was referring to the nasty comments emanating from the "pro-sidewalk" camp. Diane lives in Homestead, on Evergreen (north side) and has stood up for her neighbors on the South side and our rights to fair process since day one of this whole mess.

  9. Staygreen, Those HVCA folks who decided and voted for a sidewalk at an HVCA meeting when asked by Kinsey to voted without the knowledge of Evergreen Ave and all other HV folks for a sidewak on a street more than 100 years old with zero pedestrin/vehicled incidents are un-americam.

    They undemocraticly decided that they they knew better than THEIR Evegreen Ave. neighbors and voted for a MHS sidewalk.

    Contrary to HVCA bylaws which prohibits involvement in commuity affairs, a few pro- MHS sidewalk HVCA members involved themselves and the HVCA in a community issue and mislead Kinsey into believing they and the HVCA represented the HV community and spefically the Evergreen Ave. neighborhood.

    They falsely represented themselves to Kinsey as representing the HV commnuity.

    Of course these few HVCA Board members voted for a sidewalk for fewer than 20 MHS morning only park and walk youngsters whose well heeled parents are clients of the tax-exempt, commercial, educational enterprise on Melrose, Marin Horizon School Corporation Inc. They had a monetary interest in MHS sidewalk being approved.

    Marin Horizon School Corporation Inc.'s Head of School and a past HVCA Board of Director voted for MHS' sidewalk and Marin Horizon School Corporation Inc. And HVCA recieves substantial annual facilities RENTAL OF APPROX. $34,000 from Marin Horizon School Corporation Inc.

    Scott and those HVCA members, including MHS' Head of School, if present and voting, had an interest in voting for a sidewalk that had nothing to do with a route to schools safety which has a sterling 100% safetty record.

    Scott and the HVCA Board of Directors and members who arrogantly voted to impose a sidewalk for MHS on Evergreen Ave. disenfranchised the entire HV community and particularly HVCA's and MHS' Evergreen Ave. neighbors of their right to vote to decide what was good for their neighborhood. SHAME ON THEM !!!!!!!!!!!

    Mari's petition opposing MHS' sidewalk which has now passsed 200 is silent witness to why Kinsey did not keep his Nov. 2010 promise that the HV community would be asked to vote pro or con.

    Kinsey was well informed that the HV community was opposed to sdestroyig the semi-rural quality and character of the Evergeen Ave. neighborhood and polluting of endangered Steel Head trout's Reed Creek.

    "Stay Green Forever" must be a newcomer to Mari's Hearus.

    I suggest he/she read Mari's blog's archives.

    There is not one blog from a MHS sidewalk supporter that presents a civil, objective pro-sidewalk arguement.

    As typically of mosr MHS sidealk supporters their uninformed, emotional arguements are based on "opions", not facts and therefore without merit these sidewalk supporters launch personal "nasty" naming calling and degrogatory remarks attacking those who do present facts backed up by source references.

    The vile deed has been accomplished. The Evergreen Ave.'s natural and man made environment has beeb raped so a few park and walk MHS students can walk on a sidewalk in lieu along a semi-rural road with a more than 100 year old 100 % safetty record that middle class HV children used since HV was developed in the late 1800s.


    1. All the information on the Evergreen SR2S sidewalk project is in the process of being compiled on the For Evergreen blog. It is a lot to read, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.
      The Homestead Valley Post exists as an alternative to the taxpayer funded, HVCA controlled, Homestead Headlines.
      The HEAR US blog exists as a resident forum. It is not "Mari's HEAR US" - it belongs to the community.

  10. > The Homestead Valley Post exists as an alternative
    to the taxpayer funded, HVCA controlled, Homestead

    I've pretty much understood that to be the case, but glad you made it clear for everyone. (You might want to state it in your masthead.) Pleased you're giving neighbors an alternative to HVCA's force-fed norm.

    May I suggest you invite your readers to contribute? It would be a refreshing change from the trickle-down practice used by the autocrats at the HVCA.


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